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Director General


Dr. Hye-Jung Lee

  • Director General of Institute for Education and Innovation (Current)

  • Visiting Scholar, Center for Highly Interactive Computing Education, University of Michigan, USA

  • Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Center for Research and Development in Higher Education, Hokkaido University, Japan

  • Director of e-Learning Support, Seoul National University, Korea

  • Assistant Research Professor, Center for Teaching and Learning, Seoul National University, Korea

  • Ph.D. in Educational Technology, Seoul National University, Korea




Board Members

Dr. Kyoung-Ae Choi

Professor, Joongbu University, Korea

Dr. Eunok Kim

Principal Researcher, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea


Dr. Jihyun Lee

Assistant Professor, Seoul National University, Korea


Dr. Young-Il Hong

Senior Researcher, Education Center for Happiness, Seoul National University, Korea


Dr. Hyoseon Choi,

Assistant Professor, Chosun University, Korea



Collaborators / Co-authors

Dr. Barry Fishman
Professor, School of Education, University of Michigan, USA


Dr. Stephanie Teaseley

Research Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan, USA


Dr. Kara Makara

Assistant Professor, School of Education, University of Glasgow, UK


Dr. Soo Young Rieh

Associate Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan, USA


Dr. Hyunjung Byun

Assistant Research Professor, Seoul Woman's University, Korea


Dr. Hyekyoung Kim

Assistant Professor, Sunmoon University, Korea


Dr. Eunmo Sung

Senior Researcher, National Youth Policy Institute, Korea


Dr. Insu Kim

Assistant Professor, Korea National Sports University, Korea


Dr. Sunyoung Jang

Research Professor, University of Seoul, Korea


Dr. Sunghye Lee

Senior Researcher, KAIST, Korea


Dr. Seongyoun Hong

Assistant Professor, Ajou University, Korea


Dr. Anna Han

Associate Professor, Catholic University of Daegu, Korea




Strategic Secretary & Editor


Ms. Diane Lee

Sophomore, Duke University, USA


Advisory Council


Dr. Ilju Rha
Professor, Department of Education, Seoul National University, Korea


Dr. Sangho Song

Professor, Department of Educational Technology, Andong National University, Korea

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